Zap Glove

Wrist-mounted electrical discharger

weapon (ranged)


Rank: Novice
Power Points: 1 per missile
Range: 12/24/48
Duration: Instant
Trappings: Bright flash of electrical strike and the smell of burning ozone.
Damage: 2d6.

►► Additional Bolts:

The character may cast up to 3 bolts by spending a like amount of Power Points. The bolts may be spread among targets as the character chooses. This is rolled just like fully-automatic weapons fire but without the fullauto penalty—the character rolls a spellcasting die for each bolt and compares each to the Target Number separately. If the caster is a Wild Card,he also rolls a Wild Die, which may replace any of the casting dice.

►► Additional Damage:

The caster may instead cast a single 3d6 bolt for 2 Power Points. He may not cast multiple bolts when using this ability.

►► Electricity:

Electricity has a strong impact on the body’s nervous and muscular systems.
• Armor Piercing: The electricity arcs to a foe’s exposed areas, ignoring some armor (AP 2) at a cost of +1 Power Point.
• Conduction: Damaging powers reduce damage by one die type, but add an additional die of damage to targets in the following situations: carrying more than 10 pounds of conductive metal, contacting a source of water, or otherwise touching an electrical conductor of some kind. For instance, an electrical blast at maximum effect does 3d4 damage in a Large Burst Template, but if the targets are standing in water, they take 4d4 damage.
• Jazz: Beneficial powers “jazz” the target. They cost +1 Power Point to cast, but on a success add +2 to Pace and on a raise increase Agility one die type for the duration of the power.
• Jolt: Helpful powers shock a target out of their distraction on a raise, providing an immediate free roll to recover from being Shaken.
• Spasms: Harmful powers cause temporary muscle contraction if cast with a raise; the target has to make a Vigor roll or be at –2 Parry until his next action.

►► Malfunction:

Weird science devices are never perfect technology. They often suffer from spectacular and deadly malfunctions. If a gadgeteer uses a device and rolls a 1 on the skill die used to activate the gizmo, it has malfunctioned in some way and does not work. Draw a card and
consult the Malfunction Table below:

Weird Science Malfunction Table

  • Clubs—Catastrophic Malfunction: The device explodes for 2d6 damage in a Large Burst Template.
    • Hearts—Major Malfunction: The device breaks down. The gadgeteer may not use
    it again until it’s repaired, which requires a Repair roll and 2d6 hours of work.
    • Diamonds—Minor Malfunction: The device suffers a minor hang-up. It can be fixed with a Repair roll at –2.
    • Spades—Glitch: The gizmo activates but does the reverse of its intent. An invisibility belt makes the caster glow brightly, a weapon fires at a random target, and so on. If a reverse effect makes no sense, treat it as a Major Malfunction instead.

The chief engineer of the USS Clark invented this weapon from spare parts. She is constantly tinkering with it.

Zap Glove

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