Campaign Outline

Laserburn campaign outline
Basic idea:
• The PCs start as tramp merchants or other low-level scum and slowly rise in power until they battle to save the galactic empire itself.
• The Imperium is authoritarian and strict and bureaucratic (providing an over-regulated feel to life for the common citizen) but not outwardly evil or cruel.
• The PCs are not necessarily pro-Imperium (though they might be), but they seek to defeat the various factions because if any one of them wins their agenda will make life for the PCs much, much worse.

Sandbox mechanic:
• PC’s start out with 4 opportunities (i.e., possible scenarios to choose from) at Novice level. They can play the scenarios in any order. When all four scenarios at a given Rank are completed the PCs will advance to the next Rank and the process repeats.
• Completing one scenario reveals an randomly-determined scenario opportunity at the next higher Rank.
• Note this makes it possible the PCs might play a scenario intended for the next higher Rank before they achieve that Rank!
• Eventually the PCs will complete the 20 available scenarios and then be sent to scenario 21 for the final battle with the Alien menace.

Plot points:
• (Novice) Encounter clues suggesting a great struggle is underway between powerful forces
o Scenario 1: Non-arc
o Scenario 2: There is a powerful organized crime syndicate at work
o Scenario 3: There are hostile Aliens within the Imperium. Witness a victim being eaten from the inside.
o Scenario 4: A Rebel faction seeks independence from the Imperium

• (Seasoned) Learn more about the factions involved and their agendas
o Scenario 5: Non-arc
o Scenario 6: A mad religion is spreading among the Imperium
o Scenario 7: Rebels are in league with organized crime
o Scenario 8: Aliens are in league with organized crime

• (Veteran) Become aware of plots to take control of the galactic empire
o Scenario 9: Non-arc
o Scenario 10: Aliens are in league with the Zealots
o Scenario 11: Rebels and Zealots are bitter rivals
o Scenario 12: Alien threat seeking to undermine the Imperium. Discover the Aliens are microscopic.

• (Heroic) PCs become a faction of their own
o Scenario 13: Non-arc
o Scenario 14: Repressive Rebel agenda becomes clear
o Scenario 15: Criminal Organization is seeking Imperium control
o Scenario 16: Religious zealots seeking to supplant the Imperium with a brutal theocracy

• (Legendary) Campaign against opposing Factions
o Scenario 17: Non-arc
o Scenario 18: Final battle with Rebels
o Scenario 19: Final battle with Criminal Organization
o Scenario 20: Final battle with Zealots

• (Ascendant) Final battle for control of the Empire
o Scenario 21: Final battle with Aliens

Faction Friends Foes
Aliens Organized Crime, Zealots Imperium
Rebels Organized Crime Zealots
Organized Crime Rebels, Aliens Imperium
Zealots Aliens Rebels
Imperium No one Every one

Mindjack (aliens)
Goal: Consume all mankind.
A Mindjack is an alien life form with each individual consisting of some number of microscopic animals (proatids). Each proatid can be even millions of miles away from the others and they can still communicate with each other telepathically and instantaneously. The Mindjack observes the larger universe by seeing through the eyes of hosts to which its proatids are attached. A single Mindjack can thus observe from numerous vantage points simultaneously.
What is their life cycle?
They eat people by eating them from the inside. Or perhaps by giving them suicidal thoughts.
They travel by ‘hitching a ride’ on moving hosts, and can remain dormant for millennia, thus allowing them to travel on comets and meteors, etc.
Can they communicate with humans? Or is their presence only known by the actions they take?
They cannot take outright control of a person’s body, but they can affect thought patterns and alter or suppress memories for as long as they reside on the host. This may appear to outsiders as though the infected person has a mental disease. They can take over the body of a senile person, but a clear-headed strong-willed person can resist the attempts by the creature to influence his or her mind.
The Aliens’ microscopic size will require the PCs to shrink to microscopic size to fight them in the final battle. Use Advanced Space Crusade floorplans?
How do they latch on to humans? What attracts them?
How many Mindjacks are there? Do they reproduce or act collaboratively?

Goal: Establish a repressive form of government in which everyone suffers equally ‘for the good of all’.

Organized Crime
Goal: An evil crime lord wants to surreptitiously gain control of Imperium governance to secure the longevity of his crime empire.

Goal: Force all mankind to bow down before their god and submit to their draconian religious practices, which will amount to slavery.

Campaign Outline

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